Guardianship encompasses all of the rights, duties and responsibilities of a parent in providing for the physical, emotional and developmental needs of a child. It recognizes that children are vulnerable and therefore guardians must use their discretionary powers wisely and responsibly to oversee the child’s care and development. MFS has approximately 140 children that we are responsible for. We have been a delegated agency since April 12, 2001. We work with a holistic approach which includes culture and teachings.

The Guardianship team is committed to:

  • Treating young people with dignity and respect.
  • Clear and timely communication.
  • Finding solutions.
  • Advocacy
  • Timely decisions.
  • Consistency.
  • Compliance with legislation and policy.
  • Cultural appropriateness in how we work with complainants.

Representative for Children and Youth
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Office of the Ombudsperson
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Métis Family Services
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