Personal Healing & Parenting Program

For more information please contact the Parenting program facilitator @ 604-584-6621

The Parenting Program Services families from Circle 5 (Surrey, South Surrey and Delta) only.

Personal Healing and Parenting ProgramMFS Personal Healing and Parenting Program provides personal power tools and skills that may be adapted to bring about change in self, family and community. It is a program designed to identify and begin the healing of the continuum of abuses that occur in our society. When "parenting” is mentioned in our community, the loss of our parenting skills is always discussed. There have been a lot of outside influences that have affected and will continue to affect our people, such as the boarding schools, the changing of traditional lifestyle…we could list endlessly.

Program Overview

Throughout the program, elders and parents will share their parenting histories and how these experiences affect how we deal with our children today. The program also looks at ways to heal ourselves, live effectively in two cultures, maintain a balance in our lives, express feelings and treat others with self-assured respect.

The MFS Personal Healing and Parenting Program main objective is to balance individual centre of wholeness — Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. (The Wheel of Life)

It will encourage parents to:

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Regain the respect we once treasured as our heritage
  • Change the way we deal with violence that affects self and family as a whole
  • Develop spiritual growth as well as pride and strength towards a healthier attitude
  • Learn traditional and positive parenting skills

The Program will include:

  • Pre-program Briefings to referral agencies, participants and community
  • Discussion and liaison with local elders and healers
  • Interviews with program candidates and selection of participants
  • Administration of pre- and post-tests
  • Graduation honouring ceremony and celebration
  • Program evaluations by the participants
  • Feedback and follow-up
  • One to one counseling and support
  • Parent Progress Conferencing with MCFD if required or requested