Outreach Parenting Program

Métis Family Services Outreach Parenting program is designed using the circle of courage model of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity to support parents to mend their families’ circle of courage and to build self-worth, self-confidence and reliance with their children, youth and themselves.

The Outreach Parenting program will support families during one to one sessions. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  1. Understanding the social, emotional and motor development markers of children and youth.
  2. Support parents in finding ways to implement the skills of belonging, Mastery, independence and generosity in their families’ home for the different age groups of their children.
  3. Parenting Coping Skills
  4. Parenting Problem Solving Skills
  5. Partner Support in parenting
  6. Understanding Trauma and its effects on Children
  7. Understanding Trauma and its effect on Youth.
  8. Parenting Children and youth with Mental Health issues
  9. Identify Child Development Milestone and encouraging them as parents
  10. Implement structure and boundaries for children, youth and for parents themselves, and skills to maintain them.
  11. Identify Community Supports

Outreach parenting program services families that live in circle 5 (Surrey, South Surrey and Delta) only.

For referral to program please contact Outreach Parenting program @ 604-584-6621