Children and Family Development Government Websites

Adoption and adopting a child, please consult:

Child Abuse — What exactly constitutes, or makes something abusive in Canada? For information on how kids are kept safe, please consult:

Child, Family and Community Services Act — Legislation that governs the Ministry for Children and Family Development:

Child protection information, see:

Family Relations Act — Custody, Guardianship and Access
Answers to questions regarding Custody, Guardianship and Access for parents whose children are not involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development:

Ministry of Children and Family Development website – lots of good information:…

Rights of Children in Care, please consult:

Children and the Law Sites

Children who break the law or are suspected of being involved in criminal activity are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) replaced the old legislation that was named Young Offender’s Act (YOA) in 2003. For concerned parents and individuals who are interested in information regarding the involvement of the law and a child, please consult:

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Community Support
For help in tracking down agencies for support, please search in the Redbook at:

Culture and History Sites

Alberta Métis

Alberta Métis Historical Society

Fur Trade Métis specific

History of Canoes – Saskatchewan

Louis Riel and Louis Riel Institute

Métis and Ojibwa Photo Gallery

Metis Content

Metis Culture

Voyageurs and the Fur Trade

British Columbia History of First Nations

Freedom of Information
This site will help you know your rights with regard to Privacy and Freedom of Information:

Health Related Sites

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, please look at the website for the Asante Centre for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at:

Mental Health in Children and Youth
It is important for families to remember that any concerns regarding child and youth mental health should initially be addressed with a family physician. The family physician most likely will take steps from this initial dialogue concerning a child’s mental wellness and proceed as required. For questions related to child and youth mental health, consult: