Métis Family Services Personal Healing and
Traditional Parenting Program

The Métis Family Services Personal Healing and Traditional Parenting Program was chosen as an example of Leading Best Practices at the National Forum (We are Courageous and Healing Ourselves) on Oct 31st, 2011 in Vancouver.

The Métis Family Services Personal Healing and Parenting Program started as a grassroots program designed to promote well-being in Métis and Aboriginal communities. It provides personal tools and skills necessary to bring about change in one’s self , family, and community. The program facilitator has provided workshops and training to service providers provincially and nationally.

A key recommendation for service providers interested in establishing the program in their own agencies is that the program needs to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the community in which it is situated. The Métis Family Services program has a strong drug and alcohol focus but can be adapted for different realms – for example, on education, health, or cultural safety.

"Our people know how to care for and love our children. It’s the baggage that we need to rid ourselves of in order to facilitate growth and regain our traditional parenting skill”

Traditionally, Métis and First Nations people were very strong and grounded in spirituality in terms of their connection to each other, the land, and the sky. That is the source of our strength, where our belief system is originated from. Spirituality plays a key role in our culture and without it, we would be empty. Culture gives life meaning.

Testimonies from previous participants

"We facilitated our first parenting program last October and it really went well. I remain truly grateful for the teachings you offered to make this possible” -Kris (Castelgar BC)

"Thank you for joining us on our journey and starting our fire”
-Sheila (Listuguj F.N. Quebec)

"So appreciate your wonderful teachings and words of wisdom, I’m on a mission now. Thanks for reinforcing what we already knew. What our role is in our communities. Leaders!!” -Tracey (Listuguj)

For more information about our Traditional Parenting Program Training for your organization please contact:

Nicole Nelson
Métis Family Services
13639-108 Avenue